IST-Africa Initiative

Founded by IIMC in 2002, Supported by the European Commission and African Union Commission, and co-funded under the EU Framework Programme through successive competitive tenders since 2005, IST-Africa facilitates and supports

  • International Innovation, Research and Policy Cooperation within Africa and between Europe and Africa;
  • Knowledge Sharing and Skills Transfer between IST-Africa Partners;
  • Collaborative Open Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Adoption of Living Labs
  • Information Society, ICT and Innovation aspects of the Africa – EU Strategic Partnership.

Informed through regular engagement with the European Commission (EC), African Union Commission (AUC), Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and national research and innovation communities – and policy priorities of IST-Africa Partner Countries, the focus and activities of ISTAfrica continue to evolve, with each phase building on the body of knowledge co-created to date, and the active community of collaborators and researchers that IST-Africa has supported. This ensures that the capacity of IST-Africa Partners is being enhanced based on a Life-long Learning model, as part of active Skills and Knowledge Transfer between the partnership.

IST-Africa 2014 - 2015 Activities include:

  • Annual IST-Africa Week Hosted by IST-Africa Partner Governments
  • Analysis of African Adoption, Implementation, Policy and Research Priorities
  • Analysis of African Innovation Spaces, Living Labs and Research Capacity of HEIs
  • Horizon 2020 and Living Labs Training Workshops in IST-Africa Partner Countries to Support Research-Capacity Building and Accelerate Information Society Development and ICT Adoption across Africa
  • Participation in Information Society, ICT and Innovation related International Cooperation (including Africa - EU Strategic Partnership, EU - AUC Living Labs Taskforce for Africa, CODIST - UNECA and WSIS)
  • Horizon 2020 Help Desk supporting African - European Research Collaboration

IST-Africa 2014 - 2015 is co-funded by the European Commission under FP7 (Contract 611795).

For further information, please visit the IST-Africa portal