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About Us

IIMC is a technology, strategic consulting and research organisation headquartered in Ireland. IIMC designs and delivers Analytical, Community-Building, Consulting, Research and Technology Solutions that Support Digital Literacy and Entrepreneurship Skills Development and ICT Adoption, Policy Analysis and Implementation.

Core areas of technological, research, process and policy analysis expertise include:

- eGovernment, eDemocracy and eParticipation

- eHealth, eInclusion and ICT4D

- eSkills & Blended Learning (Adult and Youth Education, Digital Literacy, Entrepreneurship & Science, Technology, English, Mathematics and Analytical Skills Development)

IIMC works with Public, Private and Research, Sector Partners and Clients, leveraging Networked, Smart and Virtual Organisational principles and Living Labs Frameworks to bring together the right stakeholders and skill sets required to address difficult challenges.

While leveraging international good practices, informed through its research activities and portfolio of ministerial level technology research conferences IIMC works with partners and clients to take account of cultural, infrastructural, legislative and socio-economic differences, through necessary adaptation and supporting collaborative ownership by key stakeholders.

IIMC has a proven track record of strategic analysis, co-creation and community building. IIMC has developed a particular focus on policy analysis, research, implementation and adaptation of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) and Science, Technology & Innovation (STI), and the impact of ICT and STI on socio-economic development.

IIMC personnel have in depth knowledge of the European Framework Programme, from both a participation perspective and working as technical and business experts with the EU.

IIMC also has specialist expertise in carrying out digital content audits, document analysis and semantic mark-up, designing distributed XML based Web publishing infrastructures, and designing and implementing complex standards derived classification systems.

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